Help & FAQ

What is is a search engine that will help you find discount coupons and offers so you can buy a product you want at the cheapest price possible. Finding the lowest price can be achieved by using our search engine and by registering to our site using your email in order to use the tools provided (Favorites list , Price finder , Coupon finder). All offers are imported every single day to our database from various online e-shops that are based in China and all over the world. Eshops like Banggood, Gearbest, Aliexpress, Geekbuying, Tomtop, Gearvita.

Prices in include shipping costs?

No. Cost of Shipping methods differs in each Eshop. Based on what shipping method you will choose at the checkout procedure the cost of shipping will change accordingly.

Discount Coupons Expire?

Yes. All discount coupons in our site expire. If you find the right price coupon for a product you want to buy its better to buy it without a second thought.

How to use the discount coupon and where can I find them?

Each discount coupon can be found at the information page of each product. Each product has its own discount coupon. You should see at the bottom of the page the coupon and a button that will redirect you to the affiliate Eshop. Tap ‘Copy the coupon’ button and then tap ‘Go to Store’ button to jump to the Eshop webpage. Next add the product to your cart by pressing the ‘add to cart’ button and then paste and apply the coupon at the checkout procedure. If you need further help please let us know at [email protected]

Are there any benefits if I register at

Yes. By registering you can use our tools. The first tool is called ‘Price finder’ and helps you to get notified when a product reaches the price you want. The second tool is called ‘Coupon finder’ and helps you get notified for a discount coupon regardless its price. Second tool also helps you find a coupon if there is no coupon for a product you want to buy. Moreover you can add a product to your favorite list. Lastly you can leave a comment below of a product if you have any questions for a specific product you want to buy.

How to use the Favorites list , Price finder and Coupon finder?

The first step is to find the product you want to buy at . Then click on the product you want and you will see the product information page which includes the coupon and discount price of the specific product you want. Next tap the favorite button to add the item to your favorites list. If you want to remove it from your favorite list just tap again the same button. Now go to your favorites list and click the button called ‘Send to Price finder’. Then go to your Price finder list and check the item exists. If it exists write in the text fields the desired price range you want to get notified for the specific product and tap ‘Save to price finder’ button. This way you will get notified in price finder list and by email when the specific product reaches the price range you added. Same procedure you should follow to add a product to your coupon finder list. Coupon finder will find a coupon for the product you want to buy regardless its price range. If you want to stop receiving notifications just remove the item from the list accordingly.

You need more help?

Send us an email at [email protected] or use the contact form at top menu. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a coupon for a product you want to buy. We would be glad to find one for you.